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    Advocacy of traffic safety education

    469_121d7b2a.gif Peripheral environment of the university

    1. Located in Siaogang District, the university is close to Siaogang airport, thruway 88, Tai 17 line, and Kaohsiung Rapid Transit.
    2. School routes for students are mainly Boxue Road, Shanming Road, Hanmin Road, Xuefu Road, Hongping Road, Gaofeng Road, Zhongshan Road, etc.
    3. The university has two gates, the main gate (Songhe Road) and the south side gate (Songxin Road).


    469_121d7b2a.gif The Traffic Safety Committee has been established in accordance with the 「Main Points of the Traffic Safety Education Committee Setting」. The principal holds the post of chairman of the committee, while the supervisors at the first and second level and chairman of the Student Council are selected to be committee members, and the borough wardens of the Shanmingli and Gaosong police inspectors are also invited to be committee members. The committee holds meetings at regular intervals to establish traffic safety education planning, examine activity schedules and expenses, regulate, supervise and implement activities of traffic safety education, and jointly promote the development of traffic safety education.

    466_3d4f158a.gifAction policy for education
    1. Help students develop the perception of abiding by traffic safety rules by using different kinds of meetings and activities to advocate traffic safety in order to prevent traffic accidents of students. 
    2. Improve the traffic environment and facilities in and around the university; build a safe and warm environment for studying and living; combine with resources of local government to vigorously perfect the traffic environment inside and outside the university with the aim of ensuring the personal safety of all teachers and students. 



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